Our lab focuses on assessing the ecological underpinnings of sustainable cropping systems and using this information to help producers improve the economic and environmental sustainability of their farming enterprise.


Our research aims at increasing our understanding on the ecological processes securing the environmental sustainability of cropping systems. To achieve this goal, we conduct experiments involving integrated crop-livestock systems, crop rotations, weed ecology and integrated management, and multi-trophic interactions.

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The sustainability of agriculture depends as much on the natural resources required for production as it does on the stakeholders that manage those resources. We collaborate with agricultural stakeholders to develop and deliver research-based information on weed ecology and management. This information is available through Extension publications, presentations, workshops, and other activities. 

Fabian Menalled, photo

Fabian Menalled

Professor, Cropland Weed Ecology and Management
Tim Seipel, photo

Tim Seipel

Assistant research professor

Cropland weed extension specialist

Ed Davis, photo

Ed Davis

Research Associate
Noelle Orloff, photo

Noelle Orloff

Plant ID Diagnostician