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MSU Integrated Pest Management Extension

Dr. Mary Burrows, photo

Dr. Mary Burrows

MSU Extension Schutter Diagnostic Lab Director 
Professor, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

(406) 994-7766

Dr. Jane Mangold, photo

Dr. Jane Mangold

MSU Extension Invasive Plant Specialist
Associate Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

(406) 994-5513

Dr. Kevin Wanner, photo

Dr. Kevin Wanner

Associate Professor, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Cropland Entomology Specialist

(406) 994-5663


Dr. Jessica Rupp, photo

Dr. Jessica Rupp

Associate Professor, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Extension Plant Pathologist

(406) 994-5572

Dr. Eva Grimme, photo

Dr. Eva Grimme

MSU Extension Plant Disease Diagnostician
Urban IPM Coordinator

(406) 994-7600

Dr. Cecil Tharp, photo

Dr. Cecil Tharp

MSU Extension Pesticide Education Specialist

(406) 994-5067

Toby Day, photo

Toby Day

MSU Extension Horticulture Specialist 
Montana Master Gardener Coordinator

(406) 994-6523

Dr. Laurie Kerzicnik, photo

Dr. Laurie Kerzicnik

MSU Extension Insect Diagnostician 
Assistant IPM Specialist
Noelle Orloff, photo

Noelle Orloff

MSU Extension Weed and Invasive Plant Identification Diagnostician

(406) 994-6297

Sarah Eilers, photo

Sarah Eilers

MSU Extension IPM Assistant
David Wheeler, Ph.D, photo

David Wheeler, Ph.D

Assistant Professor,
Extension Plant Pathologist, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Tim Seipel, photo

Tim Seipel

Assistant Research Professor,
MSU Cropland Weed Specialist, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

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