Working to reduce health and environmental risks from pest management, as well as improve practices, and increase IPM adoption. Our focus areas involve tactics and tools for plant protection, enhancing agricultural biosecurity, and IPM for sustainable communities.  The program encompasses four areas; agronomic crops, communities, pest diagnostic facilities, and pesticide education.  The overall goal of the Integrated Pest Management program is to develop and deliver information on IPM practices.

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A Guide to Pests, Problems, and Identification of Ornamental Shrubs and Trees in Montana

Digital and Spiral-Bound Copies are Now Available in the MSU Extension Store

This guide is designed as a resource for identifying and managing common pests and problems that may affect trees and shrubs in Montana residential areas. It also provides information to identify our most frequently planted trees and shrubs.  SKU EB0235

Authored bySarah Eilers, Eva Grimme, Lauren Kerzicnik, and Noelle Orloff

Hobo Spiders, Eratigena agrestis

MSU Extension Fact Sheet

During late summer and early fall it is normal for spiders to enter buildings and homes. This includes hobo spiders which have long been prevalent in Montana. Common misconceptions about the hobo spider often cause unnecessary concern. 

Presented by Dr. Laurie Kerzicnik from the Schutter Diagnostic Lab

Pesticide Education Webinar Series

Details and Registration on the Pesticide Education Program Website

The Pesticide Education Webinar Series offers one-hour presentations on pesticide and pest management related topics for applicators across the state of Montana. Each webinar is worth one private applicator credit and is free to attend.

Upcoming Event: December 6, from 6:00 to 7:00PM, with speaker Amy Bowser



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