Several questions are coming in about the Asian giant hornet (a.k.a. “murder hornet). To date, it has not been detected in Montana.

The Montana Department of Agriculture has set up vinegar and orange juice traps to monitor for any potential introductions (also in 2020). The design of the traps is based on what the Washington State Department of Agriculture has used in their sampling efforts.

Close-up picture of an Asian giant hornet with wings spread and its yellow and black stripes


Cicada Killer_Sphecius speciosus

This photo shows an adult female and male cidada killer with their wings to the side and their black abdomens with yellow stripes.

Pigeon Tremex

This photo shows a pigeon tremex with its wings spread, its yellow and black coloration, and its long ovipositor.

Elm Sawfly

This photo shows a female and male sawfly with their wings spread and dark coloration.

Please see this link for more information on the Asian giant hornet. 

by Laurie Kerzicnik                     July 2021

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